Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reading Rogue Space

Spent yesterday afternoon reading C.R. Brandon's "Rogue Space: The Dark Frontier" and I really enjoyed the heck out of it and am jazzed to play it.  I really enjoy the simplicity of it, yet it is full of options that really expand it greatly from it's initial pocketmod format.
Written to be generic and untied to any particular sci fi universe, Rogue Space still oozes with it's own special flavor and unique take. Want to run a Traveller-esque game of interstellar commerce? You can do it. Want one of those crates in the cargo hold to contain a Star Spawn of Cthuhlu bent on stealing the crew's sanity? Go ahead! Want Flash Riprock, Space Adventurer, to come to the rescue? Why not!  Rogue Space does the heavy lifting here without breaking a sweat.
Plus, you get a race of intelligent apes right there in the ruleset, which makes me envision this sprawling simian star empire, bent on the destruction of the much hated human race. Now that's the stuff of adventure!
Well written and illustrated, Rogue Space is well worthy of your attention.  Go get it, Space Chimps!


  1. I just did a similar post on my blog! How cool we posted our Star Simians just minutes apart! LOL

  2. GREAT illustration Steve, and thank you kindly for your support! I hope you dig playing the game and I look forward to hearing about your adventures in the Dark Frontier!