Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dune Druug: Creature for X-Plorers/ Rogue Space

The iridescent green world of Xanthis VI is as harsh as it is beautiful from orbit. On the ground, however, it is a desolate looking whirlwind of emerald sands and bleak plateaus.  Despite a breathable atmosphere, Xanthis has received only a cursory look by science and scout teams. It has been, however, a hot spot for pirate bases and smuggling rendezvouses. 
Those who venture out onto the dunes may encounter the mysterious Dune Druug.  These slow moving, generally humanoid giants stand well over 2 1/2 meters and are believed to weigh tons.  Usually seen in groups of 6 to 8,  they solemnly and silently march in a wedge formation, and always into the raging wind. While it is unknown whether the Druug is intelligent, they neither seek out nor avoid contact, but ignore those they do. While there have never been reports of them attacking, they look like they would be tough customers. Their bodies appear to be mineral based and seem they would endure harsh punishment.
X-Plorers:  AC: 16  HD: 4d6  THB: +3 ATT: 2/2D6 ST: 11+  MV: 3  XP: 120
Rogue Space:  DRM: +1 TP: U  SZ: R  AR: X  DM: V  HP: 6