Saturday, January 18, 2014

Way behind! And The Value of Doodling.

And so you get three today!  Chemotherapy put me out for the past few days, and so we have to catch up.
You might notice that I haven't exactly stayed on topic around here lately. I mean, it is "Curmudgeons & DRAGONS", not elephants or bunnies. But, there is some method to my mindlessness. 
For a while, you'll notice, that I wasn't drawing anything. Oh, I might do a job here or there for someone, but for the most part I was being very passive. A lot of my spark felt gone.  What had happened!
Easy. I had stopped doodling. Just fooling around with a pen and seeing what showed up. Everytime I sat down to draw, it was with PURPOSE, and not just letting my hand and mind go where they willed. I find that making line to make line is just as important to my psyche as a recognizable image.  Sometimes, more so. Plus, it gave me my whimsy back, which has been on hiatus as well.
So, occasionally you are going to see elephant train conductors in addition to elves and dwarves.  And can that really be a bad thing!

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