Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Thing in the Pagoda

I came to Lovecraft through gaming, and not through his fiction.  While I can appreciate the mind bending weirdness and sheer creepiness of his stuff, I must admit I find him rather dry. Much in the same manner that some dislike Tolkien, though I am not one of those.

But, Lovecraftian horrors are fun to draw, and so you get today's Drawuary piece, the Thing.  I imagine it clinging to an ancient stone in high Nepal, where local Sherpa had constructed a temple around it centuries ago. There it sits in the lamplight, heaving up and down in slow rhythm, awaiting it's next visitor...

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  1. I came to Lovecraft the same way and I also find him dry. It may be some kind of dark heresy but I have difficulty making it all the way through some of his stories.