Thursday, June 9, 2011

Xplorers Limited Edition Boxed Sets!

Brave Halfling has made the new limited edition X-plorers box set available for purchase here!  I've had a lot of fun doing science fiction stuff, which was my first love before discovering fantasy fiction.  Not only did I get to illustrate for the inside of these booklets, I got to do the covers as well, which was awesome!

Only 200 of these box sets will be available,  and comes with all you see here, plus dice!  Order yours today!


  1. My word verification for the above comment was
    LASERACE I kid you not!

  2. Steve it looks fantastic, I'm really looking forward to prying those books open!

  3. I went ahead and ordered my box set...I'm super excited!


  4. The box art is fantastic. There really really should be a t-shirt!