Saturday, May 7, 2011

Questor 656

I'm going to be participating in an Encounter Critical Play by Post soon, and just whipped up my character today!  Meet, Questor 656, the friendly Pioneer Robodroid! (With apologies to Walt Disney and VINCENT)

   NAME: Questor 656
  RACE AND CLASS: Normal Robodroid Pioneer  
  CLASS: Pioneer  

  Special Class Abilities  
  Pioneer class may distribute 12 points between Camping, Consume Alien Food, Ranged Attack, Clue, Sneak Attack, Experience Bonus, Monster Friend, and Machine Friend  

  HP: 10        
  GP: 300
  DEXTERITY 13        
  ESP 10        
  INTELLECT 14        
  LEADERSHIP 14        
  LUCK 13        
  MAGIC POWER 10        
  ROBOT NATURE 12        
  STRENGTH 12        

                                        Logic 83    
  ABILITIES                               Machine Friend 32    
  Alchemist 19                           Magical Attack 23    
  Appease 60                            Meld 4    
  Argue 77                                 Melee Attack 55    
  Blind 0                                    Melee Damage 0    
  Camping 70                             Mistaken Identity 15    
  Clue 26                                   Monster Friend 28    
  Command 68                           Murder 0    
  Command Energy 22               Provide 20    
  Command Matter 18                PSI Resist 34    
  Conjure 3                                Psychic Implant 9    
  Consume Alien Food 13          Ranged Attack 63    
  Crowd Manipulate 49              Ranged Damage 2    
  Enrich 22                                 Read Minds 12    
  Ensorcel 74                             Restore Courage 55    
  Experience Bonus 10             Saving Throw 51    
  Explore 50                              Scholarship 73    
  Fake 0                                    Seduce 53    
  Favor 0                                  See the Future 8    
  Great Feat 6                            Sneak 42    
  Guard 58                                 Sneak Attack 42    
  Happenstance 25
  Illicit 0
  Interaction 1
  Invisibility 75
  Labor 78
  Lesser Feat 64
History:  Questor 656 was once just one of thousands of VDW's (Vulkin Droid Works) state of the art Mapperbot 600 series Explorer droids. Hundreds of these units were sent to explore and help settle Vanth during the Great Days of Exploration in the Galaxy. Questor 656, with help of the planet-wide net of communications satellites the Vulkins had placed, had roamed Vanth, mapping terrain, taking soil and vegetation samples, and observing and cataloging the native wildlife.

During his initial mission, Questor made the logical error of examining the nesting habits of the Vanthian Minelayer Bird too closely and was badly damaged in the resulting explosion. His shattered chassis fell into a nearby ravine and lay, unknown and undisturbed, for over 1000 years

Then, one day, his logic sequencer and optics flared back to life. Questor found himself in a dark burrow, being rebuilt and modified by a clan of helpful Hoblings. Many of his memory cells were still damaged beyond repair, and he was unsure what his function or mission might be. He spent many months thereafter guarding the burrow and generally doing whatever mundane tasks the Hoblings set for him.

However, during that time, his logic processor slowly but surely began piecing the parts of his old data cells back together. Finally it became clear to him what his mission was! He quickly found a way to remove his restraining bolt and escaped the Hoblings and floated off into the wilds. Raising his antenna, he quickly found that none of the his fellow mapperbots were reporting in, nor was the satellite network responding. He was on his own.

Description: Questor is a small robodroid about ½ a meter in height, floating on a pair of antigrav pods at an altitude of about 4 feet. He has a rugged appearance from the “repairs” of his former Hobling masters, and has three ventral manipulator arms, one attached with a very wicked looking machete, and has been retrofitted with an internal 9mm slug thrower.

Personality: Questor is a friendly robodroid, though he finds organics illogical and confusing at times. He enjoys the company of Vulkins, however, and will often partner with one. He is very detail focused and diligent, to the point of still broadcasting his findings from his explorations, just in case the satellite grid comes back to life one day.


  1. The attached machete and the aforementioned installed 9mm. Probably some ammo for the same in some part of his chassis.