Saturday, December 11, 2010

One two, one two, this is just a test...

I've been toying with color on my new iPad, as well as learning to draw with my finger.  This is a version of a drawing I did for Faster Monkey's "Wrack & Rune"  Someday they hopefully will update the app I'm using to do larger size paintings, so it kind of has limited utility so far for my illustration work right now.  Still, it's fun to expand the old skill set!  This was done in Sketchbook Pro, for those wanting to know.


  1. Very nice. :D

    I love SketchBook Pro. :D

  2. Very cool!

    You are, of course, making me even MORE bitter over my lack of an iPad! (Not that I can draw)

  3. Very cool, I have used Sketchbook pro a bit as well but recently started using Art Studio as it provides more options that many of us digital artiste are used too in our programs (copy, paste, merge layers, mask, etc). Very nice work though, wish I was half this talented!