Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Relics of the Past

So I was reading Grognardia last night, and James is talking about maps and mapping. When I was a young pup (15 or 16 years old, which was awhile ago) I seemed to have endless patience for making dungeon maps; spending hours on them to the exclusion of homework or sleep.

This is, sadly, the only remaining artifact of my obsessive mapping days: a single level of a Martian Palace. This was put together using the tables from the Dragon magazine article " Deserted Cities of Mars" by Jim Ward, and you can spot some of the notes scrawled on the map confirming that this was supposed to have had four floors with 5 towers for egg incubation. I'm particularly fond of the ramp going to the next level in the center, with the secret passage to a ramp leading into the lower levels, obviously lit by eternal radium bulbs.



  1. What a great map! Even at that age, you were talented.

  2. What issue of Dragon Magazine was it? Do you remember?

  3. Jay: I think it originally was in the Strategic Review (Dragon precursor), but I discovered it in Best of Dragon Vol 1.