Thursday, February 5, 2009

Phase 4: Oh Crap...

In working on this drawing, I made one big error: not finding out more from the one who ordered it. When we last left off, I had thought this drawing was in the can and done. Then I find that I've made a big error: the chateau is supposed to be a ruin, not a nice looking building.

Parts of the second floor needed to be collapsed. Luckily, GIMP was there to rescue me and I didn't have to resort to anything drastic. Still, I thnk it turned out well.


  1. Technical questions -

    Are you working completely on the computer? I had thought this was hand-penciled and hand-inked. Did you scan it in at some point so you could work on it in GIMP?

    Did you retain the base drawing and just do a layer to cause the ruined effect?

    What kind of tablet, if any, do you use for GIMP?

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions.

  2. It's kind of cool to see both. Shows the glory of the chateau back in the day!

  3. Whoever commissioned that excellent piece must be one demanding tyrant. Sheesh. You should insert some easter egg like a tiny rubber ducky in the fountain that won't be seen until further scrutinization. The nerve!

    Looks great, btw. I'm sure James will be as impressed as I am with this one. ;-)

  4. Yeah, let us know what kind of tablet you use. I've been doing it the old school way, and wanted to get a tablet for my Mac. I just wasn't sure if you could get that level of detail on it or not.

  5. Thanks for the nice comments: James M was very happy with the drawing, even before I had to fix it.

    Chgowiz & Atom Kid: No tablet involved in this. I really can't draw on a computer very well, so I am forced to do things the old fashioned way with pencil and tech pens.

    I did scan this drawing in stages, and at one point did have the fountain isolated so I could have a layer that the building was in. At the time, however, I could not figure out some features on the Gimp and so ended up putting in the building on the physical drawing.

    I scanned in the final and then did the alterations via Gimp with the mouse. It blended with the pen work pretty well, I thought.

    Good idea with the ducky, Sham. I'll have to stick one in my current project. ;)

  6. @Steve - your drawing is fantastic, and I hope to get that good as I go along.

    Having tried to struggle with a mouse in drawing on the computer, I really like my tablet. I'm trying to learn pencil/paper and tablet/computer as I go along, so I can "learn" on both.

    I really hope you share more of these, helps me to learn how you did it.

  7. Good idea with the ducky, Sham. I'll have to stick one in my current project.

    Just don't warn the poor sap ahead of time. :-)

  8. Cool, so you draw with paper and pencil too, that's wat you're supposed to do with those things.

    I sometimes get tired of the clean up you have to do with scanned images. You know, pencil marks that just won't go away. I was just wondering how well the tablets work.

  9. AtomKid, for my money, a tablet is extremely worth it. My abilities on digital drawing and touchup have been enhanced hugely by my tablet. I paid $45 used for mine, it's an old school wacom serial tablet, but it's great. Wouldn't go back to mouse unless I had to.