Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Phase 3: Chateau!

After finishing the inks on the horses, it was time to add the Chatueu itself. Working from maps that James had given me, I figured what angle the building would be from this vantage and there you go! I had a lot of fun doing the clay tile roof, though I got off on my rows here and there.

But we're still not done!

Next time: Fables of the Deconstruction!


  1. From someone who is trying to learn to draw better, I *really* appreciate these posts. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful to see the layers develop. I love your shading.

    Note "chateau"

    like "l'eau" means water in french and is pronounced "l'oh"

  3. Wow, this really came together well!

  4. Chateau is one of those words that I just can't spell for crap. It doesn't help that the spell-check in Blogger doesn't know how to spell it either!