Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hanging Around...

About a year ago, I was off work due to my cancer treatments for a while and got relatively little drawing done in that interval. Part of that was from surgical recovery and the complications thereafter.
Well, I'm once again off work due to treatments, but this time more so because chemotherapy is just plain tiring and wearing in the long term. Many will tell you the treatment is worse than the disease, but I disagree. I would have been dead many years ago if not for these treatments, so I'm on the side of science on this point.
This time, however, I want to concentrate on making art and expanding my horizons. It's not often life gives you official permission to stay home and doodle. I'm going to make the most of it!
Today's doodle is Raven, the most deadly assassin in whatever fantasy city you want to stick him in. Posing as a blind street beggar by day, at night he is a sinister enforcer for the city's underworld. What few know is that he really is blind, and maybe all the deadlier because of that.

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