Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Happy Encounter for your New Year

Jeff Rients has proclaimed 2010 "The International Encounter Critical Year"! In honor of him and it, I post my version of the Cave Robodroid. This is one bot that means business!

Don't know Encounter Critical? Oh'd better go here and get wise!


  1. Nice!

    I looked at EC a while back but only skimmed through it. Now my interest is peeked! Maybe I'll fire back an illo at you. :)

  2. Haha, that's freakin' great! I've got to get to work on "Blayde Staybe (thinks he's Kurt Russel...but isn't!) and Chlun the Avoidable.

  3. Just looked at your Cafe Press thingy since I figured a shirt with your artwork would be is a high concept joke, right? If so, count me as amused to the point of hearty chuckles "Curmudgeons and Dragons Infant Bodysuit!" "Curmudgeons and Dragons Greeting Card." I actually want some of those items, but my better half would kill me!

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