Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sneaking one in there...

Some images are spawned by things you read, or something someone says or just the way someone holds their lunch in their hands. This one was inspired by needing an image of a thief that could only be an inch or so high on the page. I didn't want to make him tiny, and I didn't want to just do a head and shoulders type portrait. Thus, we get the thief crouched in front of a lock. I think it made him more "thiefy", especially having him hidden in heavy robes. Plus, I love to draw drapery.


  1. And you draw it well! I like the heavy feeling folds and the rich shading around the neck. Great image overall, very thiefy but also reminiscent of praying. And could it be a woman?

  2. Very nice. I like how you used the restrictions to put a spin on a typical picture.

  3. Nice.
    --Your plan worked very well. :)

  4. And could it be a woman?

    It could, it could indeed...