Monday, October 20, 2008

The Thoul

The Thoul is probably one of my favorite D&D monsters, even though they really only show up once in the rulebooks (the Basic set) and are never heard from again. Part Hobgoblin, part Troll, part Ghoul; Thouls are created by a mad wizard at some long ago time and sometimes show up in part of a hobgoblin king's bodyguard.

Or what? Clearly, the Thoul is the work of a DM trying very hard to suprise his players with something they don't expect; a hobgoblin who paralyzes with a touch and regenerates damage during combat. But I've always seen them as something a bit more interesting. It seems to me, that being part this / part that / part the other thing would leave the Thoul with somewhat of an identity crisis. Eventually this drives them mad, and they end up a gibbering, ravening thing hiding in the deep dark of the dungeon that does not take kindly to being disturbed.

Anyway, here he is. Crazy as a outhouse rat and ready to eat your character. Yikes!

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